Golf Club and ***** Hotel in Provence


Beautiful location in Provence, a farmhouse with stone outbuildings, all in perfect Provencal style.

The hotel is also renowned for its Spa, a gourmet restaurant and a golf club.

All the bathrooms, including those of the Spa and Golf Club, have been furnished with Bianchini & Capponi’s bathroom furniture, almost all custom made.

In the rooms, more Provencal style bathroom furniture was used, while in the Spa and Golf club, we produced custom-made bathroom furniture, designed by the interior designer Annie Zeu, many of them in Deco style.


Vanity unit provencal style 4351

Neoclassic vanity unit 8558/150

Vanity unit 2058 with mirror 4523/D

Bath console 2050/160

Custom made 160 cm vanity unit double basin taken from 8586/NS

…. and many others …

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