About us


In 1971 Bianchini & Capponi started its furniture production activity in Arezzo, Tuscany, a great town of art and renowned for antique trade. From the beginning, it characterized its collections for a retro inspiration, linked to the reinterpretation of the great classics of furniture of all times, and for an artistic / artisan care in the workmanship

In 1980, in a moment of renewed attention to the bathroom, Bianchini & Capponi was the first company to offer solid wood bathroom furniture, in classic tuscan style. The success is immediate: customers like the proposal of furniture made in solid wood combined with natural marble, and the style of furniture capable of transmitting personality and warmth to the ambiance.

In 1996 Bianchini & Capponi launched a new collection made of unique and prestigious pieces: the Rinascimento collection, composed of solid wood furniture and doors, executed following the most ancient restoration techniques, enriched by precious hand-decorations or hand-carvings.

Throughout its productive life, Bianchini & Capponi has unquestionably always demonstrated the ability to offer collections capable of marking new trends and styles. The latest collections are dedicated to contemporary design, made with really innovative materials and techniques, such as “Materia Multicolor”, “Stonelight” and “Design”.

The latest creation of true prestige is represented by a collection for the bathroom, currently the only one in the world, made in real and precious Crystal 24% lead.

Piazza Grande – Arezzo (Tuscany)