Custom made

We are aware that our “Know how ” and “Customization” abilities, to realize on your design and your idea, are the only way to make a successful CONTRACT – MADE IN ITALY.

In fact the most discriminating factor is nowadays indisputably the “Service quality”, what “brings” customers and loyalizes them to you.

Bianchini & Capponi carries out with the utmost care in every phase of a Furnishing Project thanks to the professionalism of the staff of expert Collaborators, Creative and Technical Specialists, able to fully support the designer and thus satisfy the needs of the Customer, guaranteeing him the best final result. Fundamental is the continuous research on the various possibilities of use of original, precious materials, with an unquestionable aesthetic, in addition to the extreme attention to the recovery and engineering of ancient but very high quality production processes, enhanced by the manual skills of our Specialists.

Custom made mirror 168×197 cm realized in hand-carved wood with Gold leaf finish