Four Seasons Hotel – Florence


The famed French hotel designer Pierre-Yves Rochon has made us participants in this project, requesting the supply of bathroom furniture for the luxurious suites of this prestigious hotel, located in the seductive Palazzo Della Gherardesca, in the center of Florence, surrounded by an enchanting park

For this project, bathroom furniture from the Rinascimento collection was used, with customization of decorations and colours, that were to be combined with the walls of the precious rooms, rich in paintings, stuccos and Renaissance frescoes.


Vanity units in solid wood, most of them with personalized finish and hand-decorations

Vanity unit 8635 antique white with hand-decoration standard 1

Vanity unit 8535 with personalized colour and hand-decorations, matching with walls and stuccos on the ceiling

Vanity unit 8635 with personalized decoration, matching with decorative motif on the walls

Vanity unit 8635 with personalized colour decoration, dominant colour of the room was in fact the pink

Vanity unit 8635 antique grey and grey decoration T

Vanity unit 8556 with personalized tones, either for ground colour and decoration, with Green Guatemala marble top


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