Etagere unit 8598


Etagere unit 8598 in carved wood with wooden or glass shelves

On request, available the etagere unit with push system drawer ref. 8598/1



108 x 36 x 181 cm

8598/1 con cassetto push

108 x 36 x 181 cm


Carved wood


(AA) Antique silver leaf

(AM) Silver leaf

(D) Gold leaf

(DF) Antique gold leaf French style

(DN) Natural pickled on carvings

(DND) Natural pickled with gold leaf

(DP) Polychrome with gold carvings

(DPDF) Venetian lacquer with decorations and gold leaf

(LS) Dark brown wood

(NO) Matt black

(P) Polychrome finish

(PD) Polychrome finish with decoration

(PDB) Polychrome finish with Baccanale decoration

(PDD) Polychrome finish with gold decoration

(PDF) Polychrome Venetian lacquer with decoration

(W) Matt White

(WA) Matt White and silver

(WD) Matt White and Gold decoration


Art. 8598
Art. 8598/1
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