Salone del bagno Милан 2018

17 – 22 апреля 2018
Рав. 22 – Стенд F 32


At Salone 2018, Bianchini & Capponi presents 2 new Collections,

Cristallo, a luxury and exclusive collection of furniture made up of Bath Consoles, Tables and Mirrors, all made of pure Crystal 24%lead,

and Ammoniti, an innovative and elegant collection made of Stonelight with basrilief.

Cristallo, the gorgeous collection by Bianchini & Capponi, designed by Sergio Bianchini, includes bath consoles made of Crystal 24% lead.
The collection is perfect either for classic and contemporary environments.
The vanity units are equipped with a sink, again strictly produced in crystal.
The top can be customized with various types of marbles or with mirror.
Customizations are possible.



Progetto Business & Management Innovation finanziato da:

Consorzio Excellence Italia – progetto co-finanziato dal POR FERS Toscana 2014-2020

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